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Floor Manager

"If You Are An Effective GM; You Know This Role Inside-Out And There's No Need For An Explanation."

Pay: $33 per hour

Benefits and Perks:
  • Medical Insurance
  • Free meals
  • Chance to own the show
  • Learning about creative cuisine

Summary of Position: 
Maitre'd's position is the restaurant's spokesperson and the center point between the guests and the restaurant. Therefore, they need to be able to provide the absolute best experience for our guests. The Maitre D must give their guests the proper attitude to connect them to the occasion. 
Furthermore, the position requires someone with proficient communication skills to present and contribute to the restaurant's ambiance and the patrons. 
The Maitre'd be responsible for effortlessly connecting their communication and interpersonal skills to give the patron the best desirable experience from when the guests first enter to when they ultimately leave. In addition, the maitre'd devote themselves to ensuring that restaurant personnel and the guests are at ease.

Why choose RASAI: 
"We are innovators that strive to bring a new level of gastronomy that has not reached it's potential in the city of Seattle. We strive to bring a new level of one of the most underestimated cuisines anywhere." - COO of RASAI. 
Make this opportunity yours with RASAI. 

Functions of the Maitre'D: 
  • Keeps Check of the Business emails for Customer Questions. 
  • Assesses the guest's needs while maintaining a professional and polite attitude. 
  • Collects information from the kitchen on any menu changes, updates, and POS, respectively.
  • Inspects the dining room thoroughly throughout service to ensure that the dining and serving area is following COVID-19 guidelines but also following the proper cleanliness and setup. 
  • Greeting the patrons politely when they arrive and depart. 
  • Seat guests and provide them with menus.
  • Sustaining contact with the kitchen staff, management, and service staff ensures that everything is orderly and handled appropriately. Reservation details and guest concerns were addressed professionally.
  • Answers telephone calls in a professional, appropriate, and polite manner. 
  • Handles the reservation book to maximize covers for each rotation. 
  • Responds to guest inquiries and forward additional information that requires attention to management. 
  • Confirms reservations for the week and collects reservation notes before the visits to ensure the patrons experience the best. 
  • Answer patron's questions about menu items, restaurant services, features, and functions. 
  • Communicate information regarding patrons' dietary restrictions or allergies to the server and kitchen staff. 
  • Assist and coordinate with fellow employees to achieve patrons' needs and supports the restaurant's operation as a team. 
  • Attends employee briefings and actively participates in giving suggestions for further improvement.
  • Smoothly fills in the gaps for fellow employees to ensure that service standards are satisfactory and operations are stable. 
  • Ability to share knowledge with patrons about the chef, approaches to food, and wine.
  • Maintains outlay and maintenance of the restaurant.

Schedule: 5 shifts per week
Work Hours: 3:00pm - Closing. Mondays are off for all staff and Tuesday For Floor Manager.

If you're passionate about providing excellent service and want to be a part of a restaurant that's striving for excellence, apply now and join RASAI!

Rasai Floor Manager jobs in Seattle
Rasai Floor Manager jobs in Seattle
Rasai Floor Manager jobs in Seattle
Rasai Floor Manager jobs in Seattle

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