Webinars Front Lines March 17, 2023

CEO of Landed: $8 Million Raised to Solve the Restaurant Labor Shortage

In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Vivian Wang, CEO of Landed, an end-to-end recruitment platform that’s raised over $8 Million in funding, about why personal growth and career development isn’t only for the upper echelons of the corporate world, and the aspirational vision that millions of blue collar workers across America and beyond have for their future.

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Webinars TechCrunch June 7, 2022

FEATURED ON FOUND PODCAST: LANDED Founder shares insight into her mission to connect blue-collar workers with high-quality job opportunities

This week we talk to LANDED founder and CEO Vivian Wang who is on a mission to connect blue-collar workers with high-quality job opportunities. Landed handles the hiring process from recruiting to vetting to setting up interviews and facilitating a feedback loop for the general managers to make their workplaces more desirable.

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Webinars QSR Magazine May 12, 2022

How a Compelling Employer Brand and New Tech Tools Helped bartaco Double Its Hiring Rate in a Tough Labor Market

The restaurant industry is experiencing an unprecedented labor shortage. In the face of this, fast-growing bartaco is opening an estimated 10 new locations in the next couple years, each needing dozens of new staff members. To fill its pipeline and hire faster, bartaco took two important steps: creating a compelling new employer brand designed to make it an employer of choice in the markets it serves, and leveraging technology to quickly identify the best candidates and be the first employer to get an interview and make an offer. These tactics have helped bartaco double its hiring rate in recent months. In this event, Jamie Starner, Director of Talent Acquisition at bartaco and President of the Restaurant Recruitment Roundtable, will share: - What led the company to focus on its employer brand - The steps it took to do so - Which facets of that brand have been most appealing to candidates - Which approaches and technology tools the company has found most helpful in accelerating hiring in the current labor environment

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